Proof Wine Club – Tasting 108 January 21, 2019

Tasting CVIII

January Wine Club

Our next session of #ProofWineClub will be held on Monday, January 14th from 20:00.

Best wishes for 2019!

As the winter months roll on, it’s time to break those January blues with another lovely wine tasting!

After the indulgences of the Christmas tasting, we will return to our usual format of six wines with tasting plates prepared alongside.

However, we’d like to help everyone doing the obligatory Jan diet by serving a few dessert tipples alongside some massive portions of cake, jelly and ice cream.

Unfortunately, alcohol-free wine tastes as it sounds so there’s little here for anyone sentencing themselves to a dry January…well, except free water.

Please RSVP to this event and message/email to confirm your attendance.


All wines are available to purchase with a unique discount.

Single Session: £25 per person
First Visit: £19.50 per person

Loyalty Card: Attend 6 times and earn a free session.
See you there!


Monthly tasting sessions held every first Monday throughout the year.

A casual tasting evening dedicated to the enjoyment of food and wine. Each month, six hand-picked wines are presented by our wine expert and enjoyed alongside dishes created especially for the line-up.

SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER – £19.50 pp (first attendance only)

FOLLOWING MONTH: Monday, February 4th TBC

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