#Ginuary Cocktails: The Martini January 10, 2017

“Why don’t you get out of that wet coat and into a dry Martini”

If you had a Martini for every time you had a wet coat in Manchester, in January, you’d spend most of it in a hazy gin daze. And whilst that sounds appealing this time of year, those New Year resolutions would most certainly get forgotten. And we don’t need any less encouragement on that front already…

One resolution we’ll definitely keep though – queue: brownie salute – “I pledge to drink more gin for Ginuary.” Sorry Dry-January-ers, we just can’t do a month without a bit of Mother’s Ruin…and especially not the month of the blues. So, this week, we’re showcasing a classic cocktail recipe, the Martini.



10ml dry vermouth (we love Dolin)

50ml of your favourite gin (we love Manchester Gin, Silent Pool Gin and Portobello Road Gin)


Chill your Martini glass – preparation is key!

Stir vermouth through ice in a mixing glass for 30 seconds and discard the liquid (for a wet Martini, leave half in the glass).

Add the gin and stir for dilution. After 2 mins or so, taste & continue to stir if necessary.

Strain into your chilled glass.

Garnish with a twist of grapefruit, lemon or olives.

For those of you who like it dirty, add spoonful of olive brine to taste. Or, fancy pickling your palate? Make a Gibson using a cocktail onion garnish.



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