Proof Dinner Club

Proof Dinner Club

An evening dedicated to the smells, sustenance and ceremony that is dinner time.

For each event, a bespoke menu created around a selected theme will be offered to you, our guests. This unique dining experience will be available on a limited ticket basis with a keen focus on quality, service and atmosphere.

With the same high standards we hold for our cocktails applied to the dishes, our intention is to serve you a delicious, seasonal meal as part of a very memorable evening. In combining our passion for quality ingredients, sociable surroundings and great service, #ProofDinnerClub offers a 3 course meal to be enjoyed alongside drink recommendations and pairings throughout.

Reservations are £32 each, which includes all food and an entrance drink; with the first course served from 8pm.

Please contact us on 0161 862 9333 to reserve your place for a £10 deposit or purchase over the bar. There will be a maximum of 35 tickets available on a first come first served basis.

Bon Apetit!